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Design Seminar with Special Guest Holly Snelling

Design Seminar with Special Guest Holly Snelling

Design Seminar with Special Guest Holly Snelling
Saturday, July 23, 2022 @ 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

A+ Venue (Second Floor)
5 & 7 South Central Avenue Casey IL 62420

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Define your style, understand design theory, & break the boundaries of traditional thoughts when it comes to decor and interiors.

Join our expert team as we guide you through educational courses and interactive activities, catered to your home's specific needs, as well as your personal design style, in order to create a beautiful and functional space that you'll want to come home to every time. Whether you are a beginner that needs help decorating or a design expert just looking to flex your creative muscles in new ways, our design seminar is sure to be a great time for all!

How do I determine if this design seminar is the right fit for me?
If you align with at least two of the following, we're sure you will love it:

-Have an interest in home decor and interior design
-Enjoy scrolling through interiors inspiration on social media (ie. Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok)
-Know what decor you like/dislike, but need help incorporating them into a complete look
-Ready for a major home renovation or new build
-Tired of your home's current style and ready for something new
-Have an eye for design and looking for some fresh inspiration
-Like a specific design style(s), but unsure how to execute the look in your home with items you already have
-DIY enthusiast or expert
-Always keeping up with the latest design trends
-Constantly rearranging furniture and switching out decor
-Have a desire to network and build relationships with people who share your interest in decorating
-One of your favorite hobbies is antiquing, picking, thrifting, and/or home decor shopping
-You frequently watch HGTV or Magnolia Network

-You find yourself saying "I wish my house looked like this" or "I wish they could just come decorate my house for me" when you walk into Olive Tree Marketplace.

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