18 Cool Places for Ice Cream in ILLINOISouth

18 Cool Places for Ice Cream in ILLINOISouth

Posted on 10/04/2021 by Andy Waterman

If you’re looking for a delicious frozen treat to help you cool off, ILLINOISouth has the solution for you! There are dozens of unique, tasty ice cream shops throughout our 21 counties stretching across southern Illinois.

Bond County

Marcoot Jersey Creamery will provide you with some of the best ice cream you’ve ever had as well as the unique experience of meeting the cows who helped The Big Dipper in Casey, Illinoiscreate your delicious dessert! Marcoot Jersey Creamery’s ice cream is incredible and meeting some adorable cows makes the experience unforgettable!

Clark County

If you’re looking for a sweet treat after a day of seeing sites such as the World’s Largest Mailbox, key, wooden shoes, and more in Casey, Illinois – you have to check out The Big Dipper. Don’t miss out on their Donut Extreme, complete with your choice of ice cream drizzled with syrup and sandwiched between a donut with candy to top it off.

Clay County

Located in Louisville, Illinois, Fat Dad’s Ice Cream Shoppe has some of the best soft-serve ice cream you’ll ever have! Their Strawberry Butter soft-serve is to die for, and you have to try their chocolate vanilla twist! You will love this small town ice cream shop!

Clinton County

If you have ever been to Clinton County, there is a high likelihood that you have heard the legend of Dairy King. For over 25 years Dairy King has expanded and expanded their concrete menu, so there are no shortage of options to choose from! From fruit and peanut flavors to chocolate and cake batter flavors, Dairy King has something for everyone! Be sure to try their Pineapple Upside Down concrete for a fruity treat! Dairy King has locations in both Breese and Trenton.

Crawford County

Robinson, Illinois is home to Sassberries, a delicious frozen yogurt shop with ten flavors and over 30 toppings to choose from! You are sure to have a great time customizing your dessert and will love the fun atmosphere of Sassberries!

Edwards County

Colyer Coffee House is a wonderful, cozy coffee shop that also serves freshly baked goods and locally-made ice cream. They have several unique flavors such as honey lavender and blueberry cheesecake that you will absolutely love, so come get your caffeine and sugar fix all in one!

Fayette County

Dairy Dee in Ramsey, Illinois is a local favorite with a constantly revolving menu of delicious flavors. You can even purchase pints of your favorite ice cream flavors to enjoy at home! Don’t miss out on Dairy Dee!

Jasper County

Newton, Illinois is home to The Freeze, a delicious ice cream stand that locals absolutely love. On top of their delicious ice cream, they also serve lunch and dinner items in addition to tasty desserts such as bread pudding and cinnamon rolls!

Lawrence County

The Lawrenceville Drive-In in Lawrenceville serves up some solid dairy treats, and even features a menu item called the Monster Sundae. Sounds intriguing, right? They also offer brownie fudge parfaits, banana splits, and great old-fashioned sodas. The Lawrenceville Drive-In will definitely help your sweet tooth!

Madison County

Mac’s Family Fun Time in Highland has amazing frozen custard, as well as a bounce house for the kiddos. This DELICIOUS ice cream actually started at the Lory Theater in town during the pandemic. When it was time for the theater to open back up in 2021, the McLaughlin’s (who own the Lory) opened Mac’s Family Fun Time for a place to continue serving their AMAZING custard. If you’re around Highland, it is most definitely worth a visit!

Ice Cream Korner in Iuka, IllinoisMarion County

Ice Cream Korner in Iuka is well known for its specialty sundaes – but their claim to fame is the banana split that could easily just be a meal! This massive banana split is a dessert you don’t want to miss out on!

Monroe County

Yo-Toppings in Waterloo, Illinois offers countless flavors of frozen yogurt which you can customize by adding your own toppings! Kids will love being able to create their own ice cream treat and it tastes delicious!

Perry County

Du Quoin is home to the Ye Olde Country Store, which has delicious fudge and ice cream that you will absolutely love! They serve all kinds of unique ice cream flavors, including lemon cheesecake, churro, and key lime pie! Head on over to the Ye Olde Country Store to taste some ice cream flavors that you’ve never tried before!

Randolph County

Red Bud, Illinois is home to Sling N’ Scoops, a locally owned ice cream shop that serves some of the best ice cream in the area. With a rotating menu of over 50 flavors, there is always something new and delicious to try at Sling N’ Scoops!

Richland County

Chilly Willy’s Ice Cream & Grill not only has delicious meals, but they also have some of the best ice cream you’ll ever taste. Everyone loves their dipped cones, and their variety of sundaes is unbelievable. Be sure to taste the Mr. Presley and Grasshopper sundaes!

Walton's Ice Cream in SmithtonSt. Clair County

Walton’s Ice Cream & More is a staple in the small community of Smithton. Their frozen treats range from floats and shakes to cones and sundaes. They have countless specialty concretes, including unique flavors such as Gooey Butter Cake, Elvis Delight, and Puppy Chow! The menu at Walton’s has grown almost every day since its opening, so you never know what delicious dessert will be waiting for you!

Wabash County

Tastee Freez in Mt. Carmel, Illinois has all kinds of delicious treats for you to indulge in! They serve ice cream cones, shakes, sundaes, and Freezes - all made with their delicious soft-serve ice cream! They also have an incredible banana split that will certainly fill you up as well as tasty meals such as hot dogs, burgers, and sandwiches! Tastee Freez is a great place to stop by for a sweet treat!

Wayne County

GT’s Ice Cream Shop in Cisne, Illinois is a community favorite. Their peanut butter shake is popular among their customers as well as their delicious ice cream sandwiches. You will definitely want to try everything on their massive menu!

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