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Abigail's Candle Company is Making ILLINOISouth a Little Fresher

Abigail's Candle Company is Making ILLINOISouth a Little Fresher

Posted on 06/21/2022 by Tyler Pletsch

In 2020 as we all know, a worldwide pandemic occured and everything we had ever known changed, and the world turned dim. However, for Christine Impastato of Belleville, it was a chance to lift people up and to bring some light into the world by creating Abigail's Candle Co.

"As COVID shut the world down around us I wanted to bring a piece of joy and hope into the homes of everyone," Impastato said. "I wanted to help eradicate fear and instill hope as we journeyed through something we didn’t even understand. We needed that 'peace that surpassed understanding' more than ever."

Abigails Candle Co candles on display at Vine Street Market in OFallonWhile being a mother of three and working full-time, it was a dream of hers to become a stay-at-home mother to spend more time with her children. That said, she still wanted to do something to give back to her community and support her family. In the beginning there were growing pains, but Impastato didn't quit - she kept believing in her ideas and dreams.

Fastforward to June of 2022, Abigail's Candle Co. products are available at multiple boutiques, Etsy, Amazon, Vine Street Market, and is hosting its own craft shows! What started as a way to help provide braces for her oldest has now turned to a community partnership with other businesses, and growing a community following.

Impastato has not been one to settle with her business, and that includes how she works with her products.

"I get very bored of the same things. I have hundreds of scents I play with and make several unique blends just for you that you can only get from us," she explained. "I don’t want you to go to anyone else and get the same thing."

While there are some common scents that everyone loves like lavender, there are some amazing scents sure to awaken your senses like raspberry sangria or pumpkin souffle!

Products available at Abigail's Candle Co. include:

With so much going on, Impastato has had to garner some extra sets of hands including her daughter, Abigail.Candle being poured - Photo Credit Abigails Candle Co

"I keep trying to encourage them to have ownership over a specific product. I don’t want to force it," Impastato said. "As for now, when Abigail shows interest I let her go at it. I’m honestly happy she wants to come with me to the market on Saturdays and events! It makes my heart so happy!"

Her kiddos are not the only ones who can partake in the candle making experience as Impastato also offers V.I.P. classes where you and your friends can learn how to pour a candle. If you are willing, she will bring her knowledge and equipment to you or a rental space and will give you a hands on experience to remember for years to come.

While there is no physical storefront currently, Impastato hopes that in the next three years she will be able to cut the ribbon and welcome in her patrons. For now, you can stay up to date on her Facebook page and visit her at the Vine Street Market every Saturday through the summer in O'Fallon and on Amazon Handmade seasonally, abigailscandleco.com or Etsy!


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