Celebrating Black History Month - House Of Miles East St. Louis

Celebrating Black History Month - House Of Miles East St. Louis

Posted on 02/24/2021 by Andy Waterman

To celebrate Black History Month, we are shining a spotlight on a few local folks who take immense pride in their background and heritage. One such place that deserves an immense amount of recognition is the House of Miles East St. Louis. 

Also known as HOME, the House of Miles East St. Louis is located in the former home of East St. Louis native Miles Davis. Davis is widely considered to be the most revered jazz trumpeter of all time - and a VERY important part of 20th century music. 

According to their website - HOME provides avenues of musical discovery to children and visitors of all ages. Interactive exhibits, educational experiences and innovative programs, both cultural and historical, celebrate our past, explore our present and enrich our future. Tours are being scheduled by appointment only at this time, and if you know of a school group that would like to take a field trip - those are being offered as well. The House Of Miles East St. Louis also promotes music instruction through a Youth Orchestra Program. HOME is usually the site of several events throughout the year as well, including fundraisers and music festivals. 

HOME is a non-profit organization that graciously accepts donations - to find out more about donating, or for more information about The House of Miles East St. Louis, visit their website at houseofmilesestl.org. 

A big THANK YOU goes out to all of the folks who have volunteered and worked at HOME to provide this amazing resource to folks throughout our region! 

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