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FCAC aims to integrate art across Vandalia

FCAC aims to integrate art across Vandalia

Posted on 06/13/2022 by Tyler Pletsch

Over the past five years, the Fayette County Art Connection in Vandalia has been working to bring inspirational works of art to the public’s eye. 

“What we have strived to do with this group is to bring more art, more to the forefront of the community,” explains FCAC spokesperson Chuck Hutson. “Toward that end, we first organized the Tourist Center into a proper gallery.” 

The gallery is managed by members of the FCAC volunteering each Wednesday located in the Tourism Center at 1408 N 5th St, Vandalia, IL. 

The FCAC has also partnered with the city of Vandalia, Kaskaskia College, and area businesses to make art more accessible. Kaskaskia College’s Vandalia Campus is working towards a new art gallery to be completed in 2023, and Hutson is hoping FCAC will be an integral part of it. 

“To me, the prospect of a proper and credible art gallery at the Vandalia campus of Kaskaskia College is indeed exciting,” Hutson explained. “And if the college will include our group in the proceedings after the gallery is built, it can become even more exciting!” 

Art is a commodity admired by all in various forms. For Hutson and the FCAC, it is something that they believe can shape a community and cultivate a culture. However, Hutson understands that the primary issue for his community is that they are not in front of enough eyes. Changing this is the FCAC's main goal. 

The most current way the FCAC has been planning to show off its’ artists’ work is to make a big splash. 

“Currently we have been asked to determine how we can put more large-scale art into the community, such as murals and large artworks,” Hutson adds.

Murals are an amazing way for towns to drive tourism and culture, and to foster a sense of community by bringing people together over admiring art. Though, one problem exists when tasked with such a feat: money. Murals and large artworks can become expensive fast. The FCAC is working on becoming a 501 c3 charitable organization so it may become eligible for charitable grants going forward to help fund such feats. 

So, the next time you travel to Vandalia be sure to stop by the FCAC’s gallery in the Tourism Center. OR, if you can’t make it on a Wednesday, you can see some of their artists’ works in the Evans Public Library, Tiger Lilly Flower Shoppe, the halls of Kaskaskia College, and other areas as the partnerships continue to grow! 

For more information visit their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Fayette-County-Art-Connection 

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