Illinois Caverns - Know Before You Go!

Illinois Caverns - Know Before You Go!

Posted on 06/16/2021 by Andy Waterman

With the re-opening of Illinois Caverns after ten years, there are going to be plenty of folks that are interested in making the trip to Monroe County. Some may be coming from near, while many others could be traveling quite a way - so it's important to know all of the details about the Illinois Caverns before you go. 

TIP #1: 

Wear comfortable clothes, and bring a change of clothes - there is a changing facility on site. You will get muddy. 

TIP #2: 

Bring a good pair of tall boots. There is water, and mud - so proper footware is a must. 

TIP #3: 

Bring a helmet to protect your head. Bike helmets will do. 

TIP #4: 

Come with a minimum of four people for each group.

TIP #5:

Each person needs to have at least three sources of battery powered light with them.

Other notes for those planning to visit, when you arrive - check in at the interpretive center. Your gear will need to be inspected before making the trip into the caverns. If you plan on travelling with a group of 25+ people, please call ahead to the caverns to make reservations. There are not guided tours right now, but it's something they plan to offer eventually. Hours of operation are 9am - 4pm from Wednesday through Sunday. Officials ask that folks are out of the caves by 3pm, and nobody is allowed to enter after 2pm. The Illinois Caverns are free to the public in terms of cost. IDNR officials expect it to be quite popular upon re-opening, so arrive in the morning if possible. Another key piece of information is that this site is not handicap accesbile. The steps are very steep, and the inside of the cavern is very slick. 

ENJOY THE ILLINOIS CAVERNS, AND PLEASE SEND US PICTURES OF YOUR ADVENTURES! You can tag us on Facebook, or send those pictures and video to 


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