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Vegetarian Friendly Eateries in ILLINOISouth

Vegetarian Friendly Eateries in ILLINOISouth

Posted on 06/07/2022 by Angelina White

As a vegetarian or vegan, it can often be difficult to find a decent and filling meal while travelling to different areas. Luckily, you’ve just found ILLINOISouth’s list of some of the best plant-based eateries. Read on to find your tastebuds’ new best friends!

Breakfast and Brunch

Ah yes, the first meal of the day: breakfast (or brunch for those of us who like to sleep in)! You’re currently on vacation in southern Illinois and the stomach is rumbling. What are we eating today? Perhaps we’ll grab a bite at Ophelia’s Cup in Olney. Curb the hangries with some peanut butter apple toast or a scrambled veggie bowl. Not your cup of tea? Okay, let’s head to Hidden Lake Winery in Aviston. Have a glass of booze then grab a fork. That stack of lemon ricotta pancakes is calling your name!

More morning eats: 


Next, it’s time for lunch! We hope you’re not still stuffed from those earlier meals! For those who missed breakfast or are still a little peckish, here are some ideas for your midday meal. Visit The Copper Penny in Vandalia for some spicy cauliflower wings.  Are they as good as the ones made from our feathered friends? Come find out! If you want a full-sized meal, then make sure to head over to The Fainting Goat in Pocahontas. SPhoto Credit: Coco's Cafe Lawrencevilleurely the green goddess wrap will curb your appetite!

Great grub:


What’s cookin’? Are you in the mood for something interesting and exotic like the decadent kashmiri naan from India’s Oven in Swansea? Or would you rather go the traditional route with some oh-so-good Italian food from Tuscany Grill in Robinson? Maybe you’re in the middle and want something like the black bean burger from Urban Farmhouse Eatery & Pie in Highland. Whatever fits your tastebuds, it’s right here in ILLINOISouth!

Out-of-this-world Options:Photo Credit: Popeye's Chop House

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