Our Board Members

Western Counties

Madison County
Mayor Allen Adomite
Rosemarie Brown

Monroe County
Clyde Heller
Jim Hill

Randolph County
Emily Lyons
Ronnie White

St. Clair County
Cathleen Lindauer
John West

Central Counties

Bond County
Dennis Potthast, Treasurer
Amy Marcoot

Clinton County
James Sullivan
Sandy Timmermann

Fayette County
Sally Emerick
Mayor Rick Gottman

Marion County
Sonya Germann, Vice Chair
Ben Stratemeyer

Montgomery County
Valerie Belusko
Sarah Waggoner

Perry County
Carrie Gilliam
Judy Smid

Washington County
Doris Povolish
Marvin Steinkamp, Chairman

Eastern Counties

Clark County
Meg Clark
Norma Calvert

Clay County
Clint Green
Dan Sulsberger

Crawford County

Cumberland County
Billie Chambers
Tania Craig

Edwards County
Martha Speir
Dennis Turpin

Hamilton County
Mary Ann Hopfinger
Jerry Prince

Jasper County
Jane Casey
Diane Scott

Lawrence County
Bill Gray
Rachel Hipsher

Richland County
Karen Bell
Belinda Henton

Wabash County
Jim Pfeister
Rod Rodriguez, Secretary

Wayne County
Royce Carter
Gary Sloan

White County
Cindy Conley
Katherine Sands

Board Meeting Schedule

Quarterly Board Meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of the month in January, April, July and October beginning at 1:30pm.  The meetings are held at 4387 N. Illinois St., Suite 200, Swansea, IL.  Change of location may be noted 48 hours prior to scheduled meeting.

Board Meeting Agendas

Please click the link below to download the meeting agenda.