Dining Around with Dan at the Old 50 Cafe

Tiffany Garavaglia
Dining Around with Dan

The Old 50 Cafe in Carlyle, Illinois is a great spot to grab some breakfast or lunch. They are only open until 2PM daily so make sure you stop in early.

All the food is cooked fresh to order and within the first bite you can tell the care and love the owner puts into each dish.

Our crew each got something different. See the reviews below to see if Dan approved.

Dan Krankeola
What did you order?

What did you think about the restaurant atmosphere?
Great spot where all the locals go to enjoy great food.

What else do you look forward to trying?
I am getting Breakfast next time I visit.


Jon Weaving
What did you have?
I had the Old 50 skillet it was awesome and filled me up!

How was the service? 
Servers were awesome!  Very attentive and know what most of the local customers wanted before they sat down

Would you tell your friends?
Definitely, it is a great place to take families and even has a private room for larger parties.


Tiffany Garavaglia
What did you have?
I ordered the fried chicken dinner. Great juicy chicken and I really liked the breading. 

What was your favorite thing you tried?
I absolutely loved the cheesecake! You could tell it was homemade.

What did you think about the restaurant atmosphere?
The place was very inviting and everyone around made us feel so welcome. Definitely, some place I will be back to on my next trip to Carlyle Lake! 


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