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Maedge's Restaurant

709 E. Main Alhambra IL 62001 Madison
709 E. Main Alhambra IL 62001
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10303 Oaks Rd. Alhambra IL 62001 Madison 3.46 mi
The Chirping Frog.png
7479 State Route 4, Worden, IL, United States 4.82 mi

Located off 1-55 (exit 33) near St. Louis. Nearly 12,000 square feet of commercial space offering antiques, collectibles, vintage, home décor, furniture and artisan wares.
Open daily – 9am -5pm

mills apple farm.png
11477 Pocahontas Rd. Marine IL 62061 Madison 4.99 mi

This is an interactive farm with pick-your-own peaches, apples and annual events.

401 E. State St., Hamel IL 62046 Madison 6.01 mi
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108 S. Old US Route 66 (IL 157) Hamel IL 62046 Madison 6.39 mi
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124 E Wall St, Worden, Madison County, IL, United States 6.7 mi
12246 Binney Rd. New Douglas IL 62074 Madison 6.79 mi
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390 Third St. Williamson IL 62088 Madison 7.15 mi

Multiple playing fields and even lights, make this a great place to paintball. Open year round by reservation and on Sundays, 10am – 4pm.

Shale Lake Winery
1499 Washington Ave. Williamson IL 62088 Madison 7.2 mi

You’ll love the picturesque setting: the wine garden; deer running across the field; wild turkeys making their way into the woods, and lots of rabbits. Five cabins and five cottages are available for anyone who wants a real getaway.

1499 Washington Ave. Williamson IL 62088 7.2 mi

5 cabins, 5 cottages

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330 N. Duncan St. Marine IL 62061 Madison 7.37 mi
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302 W. Division Marine IL 62061 Madison 7.6 mi
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1001 Main St., Old Ripley, IL 8.4 mi
202 W. National St. Pocahontas IL 62275 Bond 8.4 mi
3505 George St. Highland IL 62249 Madison 8.99 mi

The Blue Springs Cafe restaurant is the perfect place to sit down and enjoy a good meal, be it lunch or dinner.

The staff at Blue Springs Cafe wants to make your visit a memorable one by any means possible.

2649 Northtown Way Highland IL 62249 Madison 9.77 mi
20 Central Blvd. Highland IL 62249 Madison 9.81 mi
North Rt. 143 Highland IL 62249 Madison 9.99 mi

Large lake, fishing, pavilions, playground, sand volleyball, archery range, nature trails, climbing wall, boat ramp and waterfowl hunting.

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2635 Plaza Dr. Highland IL 62249 Madison 9.99 mi
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1009 Washington Highland IL 62249 Madison 10 mi
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1017 Broadway Highland IL 62249 Madison 10 mi
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1009 Washington Highland IL 62249 Madison 10 mi
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721 Broadway Highland IL 62249 Madison 10 mi
304 Poplar Street, Highland, IL, United States 10.17 mi
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206 State Route 143, Pierron, Madison, IL, United States 10.22 mi
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418 Walnut St. Highland IL 62249 Madison 10.23 mi
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504 Walnut St. Highland IL 62249 Madison 10.25 mi
tibbett house food.jpg
801 9th St. Highland IL 62249 Madison 10.43 mi

The Tibbetts House was built in 1914 by Dr Moses Tibbetts. The current Bed, Breakfast and Books hosts three quite relaxing book themed bedrooms with individual bathrooms in the top floor of the house. The main floor has a comfortable breakfast room, living room, sitting room and dining room. In the front of the main floor is a quaint used book store to complete a truly relaxing retreat.

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812 9th St. Highland IL 62249 Madison 10.44 mi
Michael's Coffee Shop
425 Broadway, Highland, Madison County, IL, United States 10.5 mi

Local coffee shop featuring Starbucks coffees, great snacks, wifi, and a cozy place to meet with friends!

9th Street Cafe_Highland.jpg
900 Laurel St. Highland IL 62249 Madison 10.5 mi

Established in 2005 as a Cafe with a history of Highland on every table and throughout the building.

lory theatre highland.png
810 Main St. Highland IL 62249 Madison 10.51 mi

This theater has been showing movies to the residents of Highland since the movie industry came of age. Prior to that, it was a live entertainment facility used for everything from plays to vaudeville shows. Recently renovated, they now show first run movies.

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401 Broadway, Highland, IL. Madison County 10.51 mi
907 Main St. (on the Square) Highland IL 62249 Madison 10.52 mi

Artists transform the streets around the historic downtown square into an outdoor museum as they create fabulous street paintings in chalk. Watch them work, enjoy a variety of food, drink and music. Young artists can create their own work of art at the Kreative Kids Korner.

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923 Main St. Highland IL 62249 Madison 10.52 mi
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1000 Laurel St. Highland IL 62249 Madison 10.52 mi
401 Broadway Highland IL 62249 Madison 10.52 mi
498 White Oak Ln. Pocahontas IL 62275 Bond 10.53 mi
618-669-CORK (2675)618-669-CORK (2675)
Nudge Coffee Roasters
1007 Washington Street, Highland, Madison County, IL, United States 10.56 mi

All of our coffee is Micro Roasted in house and we only deal in Fair Trade/ Organic Coffee.Nudge coffee is all about community. Whether it’s the community where the coffee is grown and harvested, or the communities that we are serving in, we want to be the best we can be for the community.

We source fair trade from all over the world, roast, and brew all of the coffee right here, so you know it’s fresh. If you come in at just the right time, you’ll see the green beans go into the roaster, and if you stick around for just a little bit, you’ll witness the roasted beans come out!

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1018 Laurel St. Highland IL 62249 Madison 10.57 mi
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4 O'Fallon St, Pocahontas, Bond County, IL 62275, United States 10.59 mi
1 W. Pocahontas Rd. Highland IL 62249 Madison 10.59 mi
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808 Broadway, Highland, IL Madison County 10.6 mi
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402 W. Johnson St. Pocahontas IL 62275 Bond 10.62 mi
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311 W. Johnson St Pocahontas, IL. Bond County 10.64 mi
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Highland, IL 10.7 mi
hard road theatre prod highland.png
P.O. Box 68 Highland IL 62249 Madison 10.7 mi

Audiences delight in quality performances by the community theatre group. They schedule four shows a year, including a children’s performance.

202-204 State St. Pocahontas IL 62275 Bond 10.78 mi
401 W. Johnson St. Pocahontas IL 62275 Bond 10.98 mi
408 Johnson St, Pocahontas, IL 62275, USA 11.09 mi
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