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Muddy Saloon

10045 N. 300th St. Wheeler IL 62479 Jasper
10045 N. 300th St. Wheeler IL 62479
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3490 E. 500th Ave. Newton IL 62448 Jasper 5.43 mi

22 miles of hiking, cross-country skiing, and horse trails; five mile bike trail, waterfowl hunting, archery, turkey hunting

Cobblestone Hotel and Suites Exterior
100 Gregory Dr. Newton IL 62448 Jasper 7 mi

Welcome to the Cobblestone Hotel & Suites in Newton, Illinois. Our beautiful hotel is conveniently located near everything that Newton, Illinois has to offer including Dynergy Newton Power Station. Our hotel provides easy access for traveling to and from routes 33 and 130. Located south of Interstate 70 and east of Interstate 57, our hotel is within 150 miles of both St. Louis, Missouri and Indianapolis, Indiana.

5641 East 400the Ave., Newton, IL 62448 7.06 mi
2635 N. 250th St. Newton IL 62448 Jasper 7.81 mi

Guided fishing and boat rental. 6 cabins available.

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10524 E. 1400th Ave. Newton IL 62448 Jasper 8.02 mi

Hang out on the banks of the Embarras River and enjoy fishing, horseshoes, bonfires, Ping Pong, and live music. Meet “Miss Piggy,” our pot-bellied mascot.

Mound Cemetery Newton IL 62448 Jasper 8.02 mi

The legendary entertainer, Burl Ives, is buried in Mound Cemetery in Newton, near where he was born. A beautifully carved granite monument is erected to mark his grave. Ives will always be remembered for voicing Sam the Snowman.

603 S. Lafayette Newton IL 62448 Jasper 8.04 mi
driventheatre Newton.png
Rte. 33 East Newton IL 62448 Jasper 8.04 mi

Pull up to the speakers at one of the few drive-in theaters left in the country. Go and enjoy the nostalgic trip.

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103 S. Lafayette St. Newton IL 62448 Jasper 8.04 mi
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110 E. Jourdan St. Newton IL 62448 Jasper 8.04 mi
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504 E. Jourdan St. Newton IL 62448 Jasper 8.04 mi
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113 S. Jackson St. Newton IL 62448 Jasper 8.04 mi
204 S. Layfayette St. and 113 W. Jourdan, Newton, IL 8.22 mi

Antique Furniture, Jewelry, Unique Finds!!

100 South Lafayette Street, Newton, IL, USA 8.23 mi
100 S Lafayette St. Unit A, Newton, IL, USA 8.23 mi

Children’s Clothing, Gift’s & Accessories

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Newton, IL 8.29 mi
jasper county museum Newton.jpg
100 S. Van Buren St. Newton IL 62448 Jasper 8.37 mi

The Museum, housed together with the Newton Library, was started in 1966 by two druggists, Henry and Frank Schackman, who donated the first items. Mon., Wed., Fri. 10am-5pm; Tues.& Thurs. 10am-7pm; Sat 10am-1pm

Bigard Orchard & Berries.png
10505 N. 1400 St. Newton IL 62448 Jasper 8.37 mi

Stop by for fresh strawberries May-June, and peaches from July-August.

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602 S. Van Buren St. Newton IL 62448 Jasper 8.42 mi
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912 S. Van Buren St. Newton IL 62448 Jasper 8.46 mi
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1003 S. Van Buren St. Newton IL 62248 Jasper 8.47 mi
1011 S. Van Buren St. Newton IL 62448 Jasper 8.48 mi
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310 E. Jourdan St. Newton IL 62448 Jasper 8.56 mi
5295 N. 1000th St. Newton IL 62448 Jasper 8.6 mi

Rare grassland wildlife, bird watching, 3,800 acres

701 E. Marion St. Newton IL 62448 Jasper 8.67 mi

Aquatic Center, tennis, basketball, batting cages, mini golf, sand volleyball, picnic shelters, playground, disk golf, and canoe access.

10024 N. State Hwy. 130 Newton IL 62448 Jasper 9.19 mi
13225 E. Illinois Hwy. 33 Newton IL 62448 Jasper 10.25 mi

Fishing lake, horse trails, hiking trails, picnic area, camping and 840 huntable acres. RV and tent sites.

2574 Ingraham Ln. Ingraham IL 62434 Clay 11.44 mi
Illinois Wildlife Connections2.jpg
13998 N. 1425th St. Newton IL 62448 Jasper 11.78 mi

There are 4,000 acres of deer and turkey hunting with a comfortable year-round lodge for hunting, meetings and parties. Meals are available.

Saint Marie Foundation Museum.jpg
113 S. Washington St. Ste. Marie IL 62459 Jasper 16.3 mi

Exhibits at the Foundation House Museum feature artifacts from the 177-year-old village’s history, including an examining room from the last medical doctor to practice in the village. A wedding bedroom features an antique bed and chest as well as a wedding dress from the 1940s. The museum also features special programs and exhibits. Open the first Sunday of each month from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. or by special request for families and other groups.

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18773 E. 1600th Avenue Yale IL 62481 Jasper 16.43 mi
105 N. Cumberland St. Willow Hill IL 62480 Jasper 16.97 mi
Streifs country market.png
788 Marble Ln. Louisville IL 62858 Clay 17.64 mi

During September and October, visit the pumpkin patch for just the right one for decorating, cooking and carving.

400 S. Haughton Hwy. Greenup IL 62428 Cumberland 18.12 mi
cameo vineyards.png
400 Mill Rd. Greenup IL 62428 Cumberland 18.32 mi

Located just off the National Road near the Covered Bridge, the winery is surrounded by 4,000 French-American hybrid grapevines. The comfortable tasting room welcomes guests to settle in for a while.

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156 S. Church St. Louisville IL 62858 Clay 18.65 mi
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105 S. Main St. Louisville IL 62858 Clay 18.71 mi

The Museum occupies the former Clay County Jail and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is open to groups or individuals by appointment.

213 W. Cumberland St. Greenup IL 62428 Cumberland 18.83 mi

Who doesn’t love trains? Static displays, trains running through model layouts and even a train circling the room inches from the ceiling will grab your attention. Thurs. – Sun. 11:30am – 4pm

cumberland historical and genealogical museum.JPG
213 W. Cumberland St. Greenup IL 62428 Cumberland 18.83 mi

Find exhibits related to the National Road, Abraham Lincoln, county founders and favorite sons, Jerry & Dick VanDyke. There’s also a tribute to veterans in the War Room. Wed. – Sat. 11am – 3:30pm.

101 N. Mill St. Greenup IL 62428 Cumberland 18.85 mi

The Carnegie Library has cleverly converted bookshelves into displays of medals, photos, weapons and other memorabilia. Mannequins are outfitted in soldiers’ uniforms from as far back as the Civil War. Open by appointment.

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106 W. Cumberland St., Greenup, IL. 18.87 mi
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117 W. Cumberland St. Greenup IL 62428 Cumberland 18.87 mi
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101 W. Cumberland St. Greenup IL 62428 Cumberland 18.88 mi
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106 E. Cumberland St. Greenup IL 62428 Cumberland 18.89 mi
St Francisville Log Cabin.png
100 Main St. St. Francisville IL 62460 Lawrence 18.91 mi

One of the oldest homes in St. Francisville was restored in 1983.

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Greenup, IL 18.95 mi
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202 Haughton Dr. (Rt. 130) Greenup IL 62428 Cumberland 19.01 mi
250 Route 45 South, Louisville, IL 19.04 mi

We are a full service flower shop, have lots of home decor & gifts, and offer event/wedding decorating & planning. We look forward to serving you!

164 Courthouse Sq. Toledo IL 62468 Cumberland 19.17 mi
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140 Chestnut St. Louisville IL 62858 Clay 19.18 mi
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