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I was just thinking how awesome it would be if there was an Escape Room in Waterloo…then guess what I found…a MOBILE Escape Room that will come to Waterloo!

Tickets are $25 per person, and you’ll to be in a team of 8 people. Ticket price includes the 30 minute escape game and a 16 oz beer after you escape! You’ll have 30 minutes in the Submarine: Heros Below Escape Room where you’ll search for clues that will guide your submarine to safety.

A few things:
-You’re NOT actually locked in, you can leave at any time.
-I do need to “sell” all 32 spots. If I can’t fill them all, we’ll have to cancel the escape room and your money will be refunded.
-Currently, I have booked 2 hours of escapes (so this is 4 teams of 8 people). If we have more people that want to do it, I can add additional time/escapes.
-This game is fully climate controlled, so weather doesn’t matter!
-This will be set up in our back parking lot.

-Call/text your friends NOW and try to get a team of 8 people!
-Once you have a team of 8 people, FB message us or e-mail us (stubborngermanbrewing@gmail.com) their names and let me know your team name.
-They can all pay the brewery individually (you don’t need to come up with one payment for all 8 people). Payment will be due within 3 weeks of today. We have to pre-pay the escape room, so I need to be sure we can fill the seats. It’s $25 per person and includes a beer.
-This is on a first come/first serve basis.
-Priority will be given to teams of 8. If you have less than 8 people, you will be paired with “extra” people that you may not know (but I’m sure they’ll be super nice and you’ll all be friends at the end).
-Once I have the teams signed up, I’ll assign times (the first team to sign up will get to pick their time first, and so on). First escape is at 6pm, then 6:40, then 7:20, then 8:00. Sign up soon so you can pick your preferred time!

Here is a video of what to expect: https://youtu.be/TZewW18nzK0

Sounds fun, right??!! You don’t even have to travel to St. Louis for this!

**Remember, sign ups begin NOW and I need 32 people to sign up and pay within 3 weeks!**

-Chris, Tammy, and the Stubborn German crew