“Hello! I am Linc and welcome to ILLINOISouth Kids! Join Sammy, Olivia, Uma, Toby, and Hunter as they travel across 23 counties in three distinct regions in ILLINOISouth. From the Mississippi River to the Wabash River, there is so much to learn about whether it’s history, recreation, the outdoors, events, and what every community, small or large, has to offer!”

Meet the ILLINOISouth Kids!

Meet Sammy

The de Facto leader of the troupe who loves adventure and everything about ILLINOISouth. His favorite place is Carlyle Lake.

Meet Olivia

The girly girl of the group who loves the outdoors. She loves watching the White Squirrels in Olney.

Meet Uma

The second-in-command and the group’s comic relief, Uma loves art and has been to every museum in ILLINOISouth.

Meet Toby

The brains and voice of reason of the group. Toby loves the rich history of Illinois.

Meet Hunter

The tough guy and troublemaker of the group. Hunter enjoys motorsports and all things racing.

Happy Halloween!

Gavel and Lions and Wall Dogs (Oh My!)
Marshall, Illinois

See the world’s largest gavel, check out the Wall Dogs murals, and find all the lion statues in town.

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Rainbow Ranch Petting Zoo
Nashville, Illinois

Spend some time playing with the animals that call Rainbow Ranch home.

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