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Ready for an Adventure?

Hello! I’m Linc, and welcome to ILLINOISouth Kids! Join Sammy, Olivia, Uma, Toby, and Hunter as they travel across 22 counties in ILLINOISouth’s three distinct regions. From the Mississippi to the Wabash River, there is so much to learn about in ILLINOISouth, including history, recreation, the outdoors and seasonal events. Discover the unique things each community, small or large, has to offer!

Meet the ILLINOISouth Kids!

Hi, I’m Sammy!

Sammy loves everything about ILLINOISouth! His favorite place to adventure is Carlyle Lake, because he likes swimming, boating and fishing.

I’m Olivia!

Olivia’s favorite place in ILLINOISouth is anywhere outside. She loves the outdoors! You can find Olivia watching the White Squirrels in Olney.

I’m Uma!

Uma loves all things art — from painting and drawing to sculpting and weaving. In fact, she’s been to every museum in ILLINOISouth!

Hi, I’m Toby!

Toby is a history buff who loves to learn and discover new things about the history of ILLINOISouth. His favorite museum is the Old Fire Engine Museum!

I’m Hunter!

Hunter is always up for a thrilling adventure, so he loves ILLINOISouth. His favorite place to visit is Gateway Motorsports Park!

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