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Tiffany Garavaglia
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Love is in the air, Cupid’s arrows are flying and everywhere we turn we see red…Valentine’s Day is near.

Whether it’s your first Valentine’s with that special someone, or you’ve been together for years and are looking for a fun way to rekindle the romance, there are several great ways to celebrate your love in ILLINOISouth.

Pour a glass of a delicious local wine at one of the fabulous wineries throughout the region. (Click Here For Wineries)

Enjoy your favorite dish at the neighborhood hot spot or find a new restaurant and try something unique! (Click Here For Restaurants)

Maybe you and your main squeeze can find a sitter and get away for the night, or even the weekend…Valentine’s day is on a Friday this year! There are a great variety of hotels, bed & breakfasts and quiet cabins all over the area. (Click Here For Accommodations)

No matter how you want to celebrate this most beautiful of holidays, ILLINOISouth has everything you need…except for the flowers and chocolates (we’re looking at you fellas…)

Still don’t know where to go? Here are some great deals from local restaurants & hotels (click for details):

Casino Queen Hotel
Holiday Inn Fairview Heights
Mariner’s Village at Carlyle Lake

Gallagher’s, Waterloo
Shrine Restaurant, Belleville

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