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Abe Intro

The state of Illinois’ tiny travel ambassador visited ILLINOISouth recently to experience all of the sights, sounds, food and everything else that makes our area great. Here are some notes from his travels.

Here’s a look at what Mini Abe did during his day in the northern portion of ILLINOISouth. (Click each bullet point for more information on our website!)

What Abe Did:

• Visited the Vandalia Statehouse – the oldest existing capitol in the state and the spot where Lincoln began his political career.

"Being at the Vandalia State House always takes me, way back"

“Being at the Vandalia State House always takes me back…like, way back”

• Visited the Historic National Road Interpretive Center in Vandalia.


"This cheese is aging almost as well as I am."

“This cheese is aging almost as well as I am.”

• Stopped at Marcoot Jersey Creamery in Greenville to sample cheese and learn how to milk a cow.

• Viewed beautiful sculptures at the Richard W. Bock Museum in Greenville.

Where Abe Ate:

• Abe sampled cupcakes at Patty Cakes in Highland.

• Abe enjoyed a delicious lunch at Cleveland Heath in Edwardsville

"Theses shrimp street tacos from Cleveland-Heath look uh-maze-ing"

“Theses shrimp street tacos from Cleveland-Heath look uh-maze-ing”

What did Abe miss? What are your favorite spots in the Fayette/Bond/Madison County areas? Let us know in the comments below!

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