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To keep our information on hospitality and travel in ILLINOISouth up to date, we ask that you use this form to request changes to current listings or to submit new listings.

Please fill out the form to submit additions, deletions, or changes to attractions, lodging, restaurants or shops. When we receive your information, we will update it in all our tourism information logs, including our website, Visitors Guide, Tourism Times newsletter and enjoyillinois.com as appropriate.

Make sure to fill out a separate form per each request. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about the form. Thank you!

Please note: We only include listings for locally owned businesses on our site and in our guides. We do not list chain establishments due to space limitations. Please only submit listings for businesses that are open to the public and “visitor friendly.” ILLINOISouth reserves the right to change or deny listings at our discretion.

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