Baby Bonanza at Rainbow Ranch

Tiffany Garavaglia
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Rainbow Ranch Petting Zoo is located near Nashville, Illinois and home to so many animals it’s easy to lose count! There are llamas, alpacas, donkeys, sheep, goats and so many more species that call the ranch home. The property is a 150-year old family-owned farm and is just 45 minutes from St. Louis, MO making it an easy trip for city dwellers. 

The tours are amazing for people of all ages as the owner, Allan, personally escorts groups through the property. Tours last around an hour and guest will get to see all the animals, bottle feed baby goats, and cuddle with a baby pot-bellied pig. As guests make their way through the farm they will experience the connection Allan has with each of his animals. Not many places allow you to get as close to the animals as Rainbow Ranch does. To schedule a tour, please call 618-424-7979.

Baby Bonanza

Weekends in spring are a great time to visit as they celebrate Baby Bonanza. This event happens each weekend and gives visitors the opportunity to interact with the new babies and bottle feed them.

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