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Carlyle Sailing Association Offers Family Sailing Fun to All

55-minutes-from-stlCarlyle Sailing Association is a not-for-profit organization providing sailing and fun for all ages.  Everyone is welcome at their harbor facility at the south end of Eldon Hazlet State Park and all you need is a desire to get on the water and try sailing.  A multitude of programs
are offered.  For those seeking an easy, relaxed experience, there are Saturday cruises. For those that have a competitive streak you can enjoy racing programs of various skill levels each weekend.  Of course, all are accompanied by an after-sail get together to enjoy everyone’s company and talk about the day.  In addition, here are programs just for kids from 8 to 16 with US Sailing certified adult supervision.  Activities occur every weekend between the end of April and the beginning of November.

Never sailed, and just want to try it? 

SailingOur “Try Sailing” day on May 20th is just for you.  Various types of sailboats will be available with experienced crews to take you for rides.  Also, we will be giving rides at the Carlyle 50th Anniversary celebration from the West Access boat ramp on June 10th.  Or, if you can spend an entire day, there are “Hare and Hounds” cruises and long-distance cruising races.


How do I learn How to Sail?


01-dscn2008CSA offers a three-day, learn-to-sail program on June 1 – 3,
which will teach you enough to begin sailing by yourself.  Also, there are boats for rent so you can continue growing your sailing skill and even try racing.  For the kids, we offer our extremely popular sailing camp from June 4 – 9.  Here, the kids stay at CSA for the week with certified instructors and chaperones, camp at the harbor and experience in-depth sail training and fun in the water.  Meals, snacks and boats are supplied.  Of course, we can arrange private lessons as well if you’d like.




There are various levels of affiliation available at CSA. Membership can be the answer for those who just want to sail occasionally, those that want to lease/rent a boat for some days or period during a season or those who are looking to purchase a boat and sail a lot. CSA can help you wherever you fit.  There will be many events available to match your interest.  Also, we have sailboats available for daily rental or for lease for longer periods.  For more information visit our website at  Or call and leave a message at the CSA harbor, 618-594-3622.  Someone will get back to you within the day.  This will allow you find out more, or contact one of our sailors, who will help you get more detail and start the fun.



2017 Events

May 6:   Day cruise and Cinco de Mayo party.  The cruise will start mid to late morning, and be followed by an evening party.

May 13, June 10, July 15, Sept. 23:  Hare and Hounds Cruise Races with “chili and grill” party.  The various boat types have staggered starts based on their performance level so they all finish close together so it is really a fun time, but no one really works too hard at it to keep the emphasis on fun.

July 1:  4’th of July fun regatta with a bunch of short races, which will allow you to see what crewing on a race boat is like, but in a low-pressure scenario.  There will be a fried chicken and “potluck” party that evening before the Carlyle fireworks.  The CSA property is a great place to watch the fireworks.

September 15-17:  Whale-of-a-Sail Regatta.  This is a major racing event with Friday and Saturday parties.  There are plenty of opportunities to hitch a ride as crew on one of the race boats.

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