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It’s time to start planning for vacations this year! ILLINOISouth is home to many great sights and has something for everyone. This combined with our restaurants and dining options you can make a whole trip out of our Sights to See!

In this edition of Sights to See check out the city of Casey. Casey is home to several “World’s Largest” items featured in the Guinness’s Book of World Records. Spend the day snapping pictures with you in the largest rocking chair and let the kids send a letter from the World’s Largest Mailbox.

What to Do?


Big Things in a Small Town
Casey is small town with some of the world’s largest items. These items appearing in the Guinness’s Book of World Records include a rocking chair, mailbox, wind chime, golf tee, pitchfork, wooden shoes and a crochet hook and knitting needles. That’s not all of the large items this town has to offer, you can also check out the big coin, big pencil, big birdcage and the big yardstick.

World’s Largest Rocking Chair | Courtesy of

Lincoln Trail Motorsports
Feel the need for speed at Lincoln Trail Motorsports. This track features 220 acres of motocross and ATV fun. 2017 events include Fly Racing Showdown Series MX in March, Crossroads Racing Series XC in May, and the Illinois State Championship in September to name a few. For a full list of events, please click here.

Fairview Drive Inn
Spend the evening under the stars watching the latest movies. The Fairview Drive Inn is cash only and also has a full-service concession stand.

Train Depot
Take a step into the past and learn about the importance of the railroad in Greenup.



Where to Stay?

Days Inn & Suites
933 North State Highway 49
Casey, IL

Cobblestone Hotels & Suite
100 Gregory Dr.
Newton, IL


What’s to Eat?

Richard’s Farm Restaurant
607 Northeast 13th Street
Casey, IL

Backyard BBQ
220 N Haughton Highway
Greenup, IL

Moonshine Store

6017 East 300th Road
Martinsville, IL
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