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Trivia Tuesday - September 20th, 2022

Trivia Tuesday - September 20th, 2022

Posted on 09/20/2022 by Emily Titsworth

Welcome back to #TriviaTuesday! In case you missed previous weeks, we are posting trivia questions to our Instagram and Facebook stories every Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. CST. 


1. National Public Lands Day is when this year? 

  1. September 22nd
  2. September 24th
  3. September 28th
  4. October 1st

Head over to Carlyle Lake to celebrate this day!


2. Wildflour Bakery is hosting their __ Autumn Harvest event. 

  1. 1st
  2. 2nd
  3. 3rd
  4. 4th

Learn more about this event here.


3. How many independent coffee shops are there in our 21 counties?

  1. 20
  2. 45
  3. 36
  4. 17

Keep an eye on our Instagram for a sweet surprise. 


4. When does our official pizza bracket start? 

  1. September 27th
  2. September 30th
  3. October 1st
  4. October 3rd

Participate in the voting on our Facebook page!


5. This town is hosting a Wine & Ale with Abe event this weekend.

  1. Springfield
  2. Vandalia
  3. Jacksonville
  4. Centralia

Learn more about the event here! 

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