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Flora Chamber of Commerce presents: Murder Me I’m Irish! St. Paddy’s Day’s around the corner. The Shakin’ Shamrock Pub will soon be rockin’ and rollin’ with a full house of intriguing Irish gents and ladies from the quaint town of Old Lacken. The hosts will kick off the party with delectable Irish food consisting of flag salad, Guinness brisket or Irish whiskey chops, cole cannon potatoes, cooked baby carrots or green beans, and ending with an Irish cream cake for dessert, catered by NMN Club! And of course, green beer will be on tap as well as a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for purchase! So gather ’round ye lads and lasses, and see if you can solve the mystery at the Shakin’ Shamrock Pub!

Tickets can be purchased online at Eventbrite.com, or in person at the Flora Chamber of Commerce. Tickets are $40 per person.