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Trivia Tuesday - July 26th, 2022

Trivia Tuesday - July 26th, 2022

Posted on 07/25/2022 by Emily Titsworth

Welcome back to #TriviaTuesday! In case you missed last week's segment, we are posting trivia questions to our Instagram and Facebook stories every Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. CST. 


1. Which 7th generation family-owned dairy farm is located in Greenville, IL?

  1. Prairie Lawns
  2. Marcoot Jersey Creamery
  3. Jersey Farms
  4. Rolling Farms

Learn more about dairy farming and try delicious ice cream at Marcoot Jersey Creamery. 

2. What town is the World's Largest Gavel located in?

  1. Casey
  2. Springfield
  3. Vandalia
  4. Marshall

Check out the World's Largest Gavel the next time you visit Marshall! 

3. This is the only lake in Illinois that offers airboat rides.

  1. Lake Lou Yaeger
  2. Carlyle Lake
  3. Vandalia Lake
  4. Raccoon Lake

Book your airboat ride today!

4. Harlan Hall is a historic building built in _?

  1. 1863
  2. 1902
  3. 1872
  4. 1912

When traveling the National Road, start your journey at Harlan Hall.

5. The town lore claims that Miracle Whip was created here.

  1. Maeystown
  2. Salem
  3. O'Fallon
  4. Casey

Learn more here about one of Salem's claims to fame. 

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